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About Us

Galileo Enterprising And Consultancy Services

We are a relatively small management consultancy made up of a number of experienced associates in the fields of Education, Management, Engineering, H.R., Trading and Financial Investment.

We are also the sole agents in Malaysia and South East Asia for the recruitment of undergraduate and post graduate students wishing to study at the University of Malta and some other Universities in Europe and the Americas.


Our aim is to assist our clients not only by enriching them to solve immediate problems but more importantly how they can solve future problems independently.

Our Vision

The enrichment of our clients with knowledge and wealth to their satisfaction.

Our Mission

  1. To provide long term solutions to our clients by passing knowledge, information, and other soft and hard skills that are necessary to improve their project operational effectiveness thus leading our clients to greater profitability and wealth for the benefit of all the stakeholders.
  2. To assist all our prospective students with an effective and economical education package to embark on their careers.

Our Expertise

We provide consultancy in the fields of Education, Management, Engineering, Trading and Finance in conjunction with our associated partners.

Our Clients

We deal with both large and small organisations and individuals in a confidential manner and will not reveal their names without their permission.


Overseas Studies
Through Galileo Education Sdn Bhd we are able to offer a complete student package for those who wish to embark on undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Europe, and the Americas in various fields including Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

We can provide solutions for the following:

  1. English language (teaching and learning) training programmes.
  2. Training in English Language Teaching (E.L.T.) materials’ design and development including the design and development of English for Specific Purposes Materials (ESP)
  3. Guidance, for the writing of M.A., M.Sc. and PhD thesis in the field of Applied Linguistics, Management Communication and Business Studies
  4. Editing of M.Sc., M. A. and PhD thesis, including bindings if required.
  5. The design and development of English language and Mathematic materials for primary and secondary education
  6. Curriculum and Syllabus Design
  7. Training and design of materials in Thinking and Study Skills
  8. Training in Negotiations Skills


We provide solutions to management problems and organise specially tailored training courses for employees of organisations up to DBA level, in the fields of:

  1. Human Resource Management.
  2. Management Communication
  3. Business Communication
  4. General Management
  5. Communication Audits


We can provide technical and engineering solutions within the following fields:

  1. General mechanical engineering
  2. Refrigeration and air conditioning engineering.
  3. Energy cost saving solutions for offices, schools and industrial premises.
  4. Security services for the home, office and industrial applications including system design, supply, installation and maintenance.
  5. Electronic Axle Weighing Equipment/systems, including design, supply, installation and maintenance.

Human Resource

We represent a European Human Resource company and act as facilitators for the employment of various experienced personal and in different fields in Europe and North Africa


We are able to trade in assayed gold bullions for private individuals and fuel oil, in conjunction with our associates

Financial Investment

This area is specifically for high net worth individuals and organisations who are interested in secured investments yielding good returns on a regular basis.

Other Services

When expertise is required outside of other fields such as human resource, computers’ hardware supply, software and network systems, we have a number of associates who are specialists in the required specific field.


We can therefore cover a considerable range of services, which can be packaged for the benefits of our clients whether they are big or small organisations as well as prospective students.


Please email us your requirements without any obligation and we will investigate how we could assist you and or your organisation in the above field of operations.


Malta Honorary Consul, Kuala Lumpur
Wealth Trade Management Services & Facilitators Corp.
British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce


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